Sesame is a Java development framework for processing large volumes of RDF data. It features a high-performance SPARQL query engine, reasoners, parsers for all common RDF syntax formats, and more. It can be deployed as a triplestore (that is, an RDF database system), or as an integrated development framework.

Sesame has been designed with flexibility in mind. It can be deployed on top of a variety of storage systems (relational databases, in-memory, filesystems, keyword indexers, etc.), and offers a large scala of tools to developers to leverage the power of RDF and related standards. Its APIs are supported by most leading RDF databases (both open-source and commercial), ensuring that software solutions based on the Sesame APIs are completely transparent and vendor-independent.

In depth

The official website of the Sesame framework is at, and offers documentation, downloads, user mailinglists and more. For tips and tricks on effective use of the Sesame framework, see the Sesame Cookbook.

Talk to the experts

I am one of the principal designers of the Sesame framework as well as one of its lead developers. Additionally, I am partnering with companies such as Aduna (creators of Sesame) and Ontotext (creators of the high-performance, Sesame-based, OWLIM RDF/OWL database).

If you would like to find out if Sesame is the right tool for your project, get in touch. I can offer consultancy, training services and development support for the Sesame framework and related tools and technologies.